What Rights Do I Have When It Comes To Medical Care Under The Iowa Workers’ Compensation Laws?

Employers do not always explain the medical care benefits that injured workers are entitled to receive from Iowa workers' compensation. The insurance companies that pay for these benefits often try to limit medical coverage. It often takes the help of an experienced lawyer to receive the medical care you need to recover as fully as possible from a workplace injury.

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Many different types of medical conditions are covered by workers' compensation, including back injuries and repetitive stress disorders. You are entitled to benefits even if you have an existing medical condition, as long as your condition was aggravated by your work-related activities.

If you do not agree with the medical treatment you are receiving for a workplace injury, you are entitled to a second opinion from a doctor of your choosing. You also have the right to change workers' compensation doctors.

Helping you navigate Iowa's Second Injury Fund.
If you had an injury to a foot, hand, leg, arm or eye, and suffered a second injury at work, you may be entitled to file a claim with the Iowa Second Injury Fund. The first injury does not need to be work-related.

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